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ConnectTweet lets real people represent your group or business on Twitter from their own Twitter accounts.
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Social media is about real people, everyone knows groups and businesses are made up of many people and points of view not faceless Twitter bots or a single person's voice. ConnectTweet facilitates your real people and real voices combining into one Twitter stream.

For example... say people at the front lines inside your company add a #tag you choose to their company relevant tweets, ConnectTweet can suck them up and post them to 's Twitter account allowing the company's followers to clearly see the voices on the inside.

ConnectTweet allows the contributors to your central Twitter stream to continue to use their personal accounts that they are familiar with, no new logins to remember. This approach also allows your organization's followers to discover the Twitter streams of the unique individuals that make up your company.

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ConnectTweet is in an open beta test, try it out - feel free to contact me with questions.

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